Marzocchi 888 ABS System

Installed normally at $179 on sale for $149 until end of April, assumes forks are in good working condition. Send forks to us and we can install them for you. Not available as self install kits.

Advantages are:

increased bottoming resistance

lighter compression settings for plusher feel

reduced oil levels for smoother, less harsh mid stroke and reduced weight

no need for stiffer springs to prevent bottoming for better overall feel and handling.


Marzocchi 888 Anti-Bottoming System

Available for:
05-07 Marzocchi 888 coil forks
08-11 Marzocchi 888 coil forks


Assembled view from bottom showing cylinder insert in bottom of fork slider and the anti-bottoming cone at bottom of cartridge tube.
Cylinder insert approaches the anti-bottoming cone
The fork slider leg is slowed down by the resistance created by the cylinder insert and the taper of the anti-bottoming cone.

Bottoming is prevented by increasing the resistance created by the taper of the anti-bottoming cone.

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Marzocchi 888 ABS

Retail price $179