Cartridge Adaptor Kits



Kit consists of (from left clockwise) Topout/travel adjustment spring, ABS cone/lower casting adaptor and o-rings, oil lock adaptor ring,
Fork rebound adjuster cap, Adaptor arbor sealing nut, Cartridge cap slider tube guide ring, spring seat adaptor and oil lock snapring.

Each brand and model of forks will require its own adaptor kit, currently we have produced the 32 mm Boxxer,35 mm Boxxer,
the 35 mm and 38mm Marzocchi 888.


Shown from left to right:

38 and 35 mm Marz 888, 35 and 32 mm Boxxer

topout springs, preload spacers depending on model are not shown

Cartridge Adaptor Kits shown to the left

20 mm Cartridge Kit


Available Kits

Boxxer 32 mm 2006-2009
Boxxer 32 mm WorldCup
Boxxer 32 mm
2005 & older
Boxxer 35 mm World Cup, Team and Race, RC, R2C2
Marzocchi 888 35 mm 2006-2007
Marzocchi 888 35 mm 2005 & older
Marzocchi 66/180 mm
2008 & newer
Marzocchi 66/180 mm
EVO Ti Tapered 2010 & newer
Marzocchi 888 38 mm 2008 & newer
Marzocchi 888 38 mm EVO Ti Tapered/CR 2010 & newer


Adaptor Kit

Retail price $89 and up*

*some conversions require different cartridge rods and tubes




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