Types of Riding Definitions

Rider Ability

Pro – Best top 20 riders in the world
Semi-pro local best rider around
Expert - average rider who does diamond trails and generally passes most and rarely gets passed himself on local trails and mtns.
Sport - weekend warrior, rental rider who rides top to bottom without falling and maintains pace.
Beginner - Beginner!


Type of Riding

Downhill/Downhill Racing

Lift/shuttle access to steep natural mountain terrain, high speed drops sweeping off camber turns, rock gardens, little to no pedaling required.

Linear compression, faster rebound, less dive.

Enduro style riding /Enduro Racing Pedal aggressively up natural terrain, high speed aggressive down hill sections
Progressive compression, faster rebound, less dive

All Mountain

Pedal up at leisure pace, mix or trail and gravity sections, not trying to set a record going down
Softer Progressive compression, medium rebound, medium dive


Man made jumps, groomed trails and drops with some transitions and to flat.
Very Progressive, medium rebound, least dive


City riding, pavement, concrete drops to flat.
Ramps up quickly, slower rebound, no dive


Natural terrain with some gravity assisted sections, mostly pedaling
Linear compression, fast rebound, firmer pedal feel

Cross Country

Natural trails/fire road/street, aggressive pedaling
Digressive compression, faster rebound, firm pedal feel
Combination of Above Send us an e-mail describing your types of riding prioritized from most to least and we will do our best at coming up with a compromise that best suits your riding.
Best compromise