Boxxer/Totem 2010-14 Mission Control High Speed Modification System



Modification and custom valving to the Boxxer/Totem 2010-14 compression assembly. This modification improves the high speed

compression system by modifying and making the high speed adjuster more independent thus improving the low and midspeed compression performance.

Adjustment to high speed compression will now not increase harness on smaller bumps, roots and rocks.

This will also improve bottoming resistance and provide a plusher compression stroke.

Not available as a self install kit.


Boxxer/Totem 2010-14 Team/R2C2/WorldCup
High Speed Valving Modification System

Send the Fork Cap assembly shown to the left in for Modification.

Assumes fork in good working condition



Order Here and Send Compression assembly for Modifications

Price $129




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