Cartridge Revalve and Modified High Speed Adjuster

Improves performance, tunability and fork dive.

This will make your fork feel like a completely different fork, the modifications increase the speed sensitive damping range. I.E. less dependence of bleed and more emphasis on valving.
Low speed damping that’s firm but still blows-off to be plush on small bumps,
Added midvalves reduce fork dive that eases the fork through the travel without harshness,
Redesigned high speed adjuster, No more high speed compression spikes, wider adjustment range without harshness.
Low speed compression and rebound adjusters help fine tune the valving as to how it transitions from low to mid and when the high speed valving kicks in.




X-Fusion HLR

Cartridge Revalve and Set-up Service

Custom revalving for rider weight and style, redesigned high speed compression adjustment, progressive 2 stage compression and rebound valving shims, installation of midvalves, lighter check valve springs.

Send Damper Cartridge to us for service, not available as self-install kit.

Available for all models of
HLR Dampers




Choose the type of riding that you will be doing so we can custom valve it to your specific needs.

Click here for a description of our definitions

Type of Riding

Choose your fork year that the cartridge will be installed in.

Fork Year

Choose your fork model that the cartridge will be installed in.

Fork Model

Choose your fork travel (mm) that the cartridge will be installed in.
For Talas forks choose the travel you want the set-up optimized for.

Fork Travel

Choose your fork wheel size that the cartridge will be installed in.

Fork Wheel size

Choose rider weight.
Rider weight is without gear, we add 5-7 lbs for DH gear, 7-10 lbs for All-Mtn/Freeride.

Rider Weight

Choose the spring rate/air pressure you will be using which gives you 22% sag.
We need this number to help set-up your fork rebound damping correctly.

Click here for sag setting Tips


Air Pressure
or Spring Rate

Choose your rider ability for us to set-up the cartridge.

Rider Ability




 e-mail at

Want us to remove your cartridge and do the install work?

Ship us your fork, we will install your new cartridge
includes Spectro 85/150 Oil

Add option here, does not include shipping back to you, we will adjust your shipping total depending on where you live in the world and send you a Paypal invoice for the difference.
This is not a rebuild, it assumes your fork is in good working condition with no leaks or scratches on the stanchions.

Price $100



Price $100, plus shipping difference