Fox Float X2 and DHX2 SSD Modification


2016-17 models with build code starting with CXXX only
2018-22 models with build code starting with DXXX discontinued

We highly recommend our tuning and mods for the Fox VanRC/BomberCr as a better option than the DHX2.

Call us for an air shock alternate that can be tuned better option than the Float X2.

The Fox Float X, DHX, DPS, DPX2 and the Rockshox Super Deluxe/Ultimate are very good alternates

Do you find yourself turning the compression adjusters most of the way out to prevent the harsh feeling and then adding extra volume spacers to prevent bottoming.
Essentially you are running your shock as a progressive spring with partial rebound control!

Adds our midvalve style specific piston which replaces the stock push/pull piston with shimmed rebound and midvalve style compression
valved system to match your frame and leverage.

Keep in mind the stock design of the shock creates all the rebound damping with a low speed bleed adjustment and an adjustable preload blow-off poppet valve(high speed adjuster).
Compression damping is also created with the external adjusters and is limited by the base threshold tune, at this threshold point it blows off when higher shaft speeds occur or
allows damping oil to pass by to prevent damage to the shock or shaft.

With the midvalve style shimmed piston the biggest improvement is in midstroke support, much better than the harshness created by the high speed adjuster,
low to mid speed is much firmer for pedaling while still feeling plush on small bumps,
essentially eliminates the need for the climb switch, who really wants to stop and flip the lever every 5 minutes!
For shocks that have the climb switch the function will still be retained but with a more efficient compliant feel.

For performance series shocks the high speed adjustment can be preset to the required position.
Or we could also purchase the high/low adjusters from Fox to replace the standard ones ($95 each)
and then you could make high speed adjustments to the shock after we perform the mods.

Cost $249
Which includes a complete damper rebuild, our custom valved piston with shimmed rebound, tuned midvalving and high speed shims to match the frame leverage,
optional new hard coated IFP with bleed screw to replace the plastic stock IFP and our recommended volume spacer arrangement for the leverage of the frame.

Includes custom valving and setup for rider, frame, conditions and printed set-up chart.

Performance series includes internal preset high speed mods, it is not converted to external high speed adjustment.

Also includes complete rebuild service, new improved seals, oil, nitrogen charge and typical wear parts* included in price

* 2018 DHX2 and FloatX2 requires replacement of the internal shock body from .866 diameter to .940 inner diameter
to allow us to use or hybrid midvalve
order below

*(Typical wear parts: shaft seal, dust scraper, shaft bushing, reducer DU bushings, and o-rings)
(Air can rebuild parts and volume spacers not included, these will be billed seperately if needed)



left: Fox .866 diameter stock body and piston
center: compared to our bigger hybrid midvalve style piston
right: .940 diameter and body and 2016-17 stock piston
(18% more flow area and bigger valving shim size for more tuning options)

2018-20 DHX2 and FloatX2

Requires replacement of the internal shock body from .866 diameter to .940 inner diameter to allow us to use our hybrid midvalve.(models with DXXX build codes)
No longer available from fox.

Price $29.95 out of stock


Price $29.95 out of stock

.940 inner body







Fox Improved Internal Floating Piston(IFP)

Improved IFP

Highly Recommended Option.

Replaces stock one which is made of plastic, with aluminum hard coated with rebuild bleed screw.

This replacement IFP has been redesigned with a wider land and tighter tolerances and prevents ifp tipping. It is also hard coat anodized to prevent wearing out.

It allows us and future service shops to bleed the shock properly without the use of a $2500 vacuum bleed system, this will give you more options when searching for service centers.

We may suggest you replace the stock IFP when we inspect your internals or
replace it now to prevent a blown shock in the future!

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Price $29.95

Available Now


Price $29.95

Improved IFP






Stock 2019 Fox X2 on left.


Fox X2 Improved Shape Factor Bumper System

Improved Bottom-out Control
upgrade for all Years

Highly Recommended Option.

Replaces stock linear bumper(2019) with a progressive shape factor adjustable ramp up bumper system.

The stock design is allowed to bulge outward basically producing a few pounds of bottoming resistance. The improved shape factor bumper is tapered on the inside and is forced to compress into the contained space of the seal head preventing the bumper from bulging freely outward creating what is called a shape factor bumper. This produces gradual ramp up in bottoming resistance and is adjustable with the supplied o-rings to the desired ramp-up from 50-150 lbs. Keep in mind these o-rings are used to reduce the space and never actually bottomed against metal to metal as in the 2016-18 designed X2. The repeated bottoming caused the original design to smash and split the o-ring.

It can be installed by us with our tuning modification or sent separately for the bumper install only.

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Price $39.95

Available Now


Price $39.95

Float X2 Improved Shape Factor Bumper System










Fox Float X2 and DHX2 Evol and Performance Series Shocks

SSD and HSB Modifications

Shock must be sent in to receive modifications.

2016-17 models with build code starting with CXXX only
2018-22 models with build code starting with DXXX no longer upgrading.

We do recommend converting air to coil with the FoxVanRC/BomberCR shock for many new frames with more progressive linkages.

Progressive Frame List

Price $249

options shown below

Order Here and Send Shock for Modifications

Choose the type of riding that you will be doing so we can custom valve it to your specific needs.

Click here for a description of our definitions

Type of Riding

Choose your shock model that the SSD kit will be installed in.

Shock Model

Choose rider weight.
Rider weight is without gear, we add 5-7 lbs for DH gear, 7-10 lbs for All-Mtn/Freeride.

Rider Weight

Choose the air pressure you will be using which gives you 30% sag.
We need this number to help set-up your shock rebound damping correctly.

Click here for sag setting Tips

We will help you choose your air pressure if you are unable to.
Service should be performed every 100 hrs, same as Fox recommends. For high leverage frames
or heavier riders requiring sag pressures over 185 psi, you should be aware that the
service life of damper oil will be dramatically decreased.

Air Pressure or Spring Rate

Choose your rider ability for us to set-up your shock.

Rider Ability

Provide us with Bike info to set-up your shock.








Air can and air sleeve
Rebuild and and seal replacement

Air Can Rebuild Kit
optional service

Air can and air sleeve
Rebuild and and seal replacement

After 50 hrs of riding the air can seals and air sleeve piston seals need replacing and if not replaced periodically
this allows the internal air pressure to leak between the positive and negative chambers reducing the effectiveness of the air spring system.
The air can seals also become jammed up with dirt and mud which can cause damage to the air piston shaft and create a leak path for the air can pressure.

We may suggest you replace the stock seals when we inspect your internals or
make plans to replace them yourself to prevent these issues!
This does not include damaged or dented air cans or air piston shafts, seals only.

Shocks newer than 50 hours need only be cleaned and reassembled typically. It should be noted that the negative air seal head can only be rebuilt with the damper shaft removed.

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Price $29.95 includes parts and labor


Air Can Rebuild

Price $29.95